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Opening night event: Friday, November 3, 2006, 7:00 PM at the epOxybOx in Venice, CA  view map

Designers Thomas Brodahl and Peter Reid present their individual works for the first time in a collaborative show intended to focus awareness on the plight of sub-Saharan Africa.

Brodahl will debut StatAttak, a line of politically provocative t-shirts featuring his original illustrations alongside Reid's arresting photographs, taken on a recent trip to Uganda and Mozambique. Limited edition prints of Brodahl’s StatAttak illustrations will also be on display.

Thomas developed the StatAttak line in response to the bleak statistics he’d come across on life in sub-Saharan Africa. After learning the life-expectancy of Mozambique to be a paltry 31.3 years, compared to 79.54 years in his native Norway, he felt compelled to act. "Most people are aware of the fact that Africa has an AIDS epidemic. Most people know that there is poverty and starvation, war and unrest, but I don't think people understand the reality is this grim and horrific." His Venice, CA based design firm Stolen, Inc. will distribute the shirts for sale, reserving a portion of the proceeds to fund an upcoming trip to Mozambique where they will build an orphanage.

An accomplished designer and aspiring photo-journalist, Reid's experience of Africa was first hand. In March 2006, he spent a month in Uganda and Mozambique visiting refugee camps, and using his camera to document children's issues in these nations ravaged by war and disease. For Peter, this experience has truly cemented a will to help the people, and more importantly, the children of Africa: "For a Westerner to visit and experience life in an Internally Displaced Peoples Camp is something that can't be put to words. We must help and we must not forget about the less fortunate of this world. We do that by constantly documenting and publishing the truth, and letting the entire world see those realities."

Kwiango runs November 3rd - 19th at the epOxybOx Gallery, Venice, CA.