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Peter Reid

Peter Reid was born in Ross, California in 1974 and grew up in Marin County, about 20 miles north of San Francisco.

He began his undergraduate studies at Marymount College in Los Angeles, and subsequently spent 4 months on Semester at Sea – a study-abroad program taking place entirely on a cruise ship, traveling to 14 different countries starting in Vancouver, British Columbia and ending up in New Orleans, LA. It was on this voyage where Peter discovered and fell in love with the art of photography, having extensively documented his fellow students and the wide variety of port cities they explored together. At the young age of 21, this opportunity created within him a desire to learn more about the world, and most importantly, to do so by continuing to travel abroad.

Peter returned to Los Angeles, and worked as a commercial production assistant for director Dick James. After 2 years of production work, Peter decided to return to school at the Academy of Art in San Francisco to study Publication Design. Having acquired a considerable knowledge of Adobe Photoshop after three semesters, he left school and found himself in the middle of the pre-2000 dot-com explosion. It was at this juncture where Peter truly developed his skills and passion for design, working under three key Creative Directors: Guthrie Dolan, Simon Smith and Nicholas Wittenberg.

Peter moved back to Los Angeles three years later and has mostly been living in Venice Beach, with brief stints in New York City and San Francisco. He works full-time as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. While he greatly enjoys his time in Venice, his yearning to see and photograph unknown territories has once again manifested itself in the form of travel preparations for South East Asia in 2007.

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Thomas Brodahl

Originally from Bergen, Norway, Thomas moved to Luxembourg when he was 10. There he attended the American International School until his graduation in 1996. He then spent a brief stint at the University of Virginia where he took a 2 hour course in HTML 3. This spawned his interest for webdesign, and when he returned to Luxembourg, he started up his own design studio.

In March of 2000 he approached Yohan Gingras and German Olaya to start an online design magazine. was born. Since its inception in May 2000, the site has steadily grown in popularity and has become an established part of the online design community.

Thomas then left Luxembourg for London and spent two years working as a freelance designer/illustrator. In 2002, He started Stolenshirts, an independent tshirt label based on his illustrations. Having tired of London, Thomas moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to start Stolen Inc. with his long-time collaborator Jessey Cinis.

He spends most of his time in front of the computer trying to make pretty things for clients. When he gets a chance to get away, he can normally be found playing basketball somewhere on the westside.

Thomas is currently working on a new line of Stolenshirts as well as the new Surfstation, which will hopefully launch sometime before 2009.

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